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Events and Parties

OPPO Times Fresh Face 2016 Training & Grooming


If you are reading this post, you are well versed with the culture and times we live in. Yes, it is indeed the culture of self-obsession. Instead of worrying over all the world problems, why don’t we just relax a bit, talk to someone, look at our pretty face, capture the moments and move on in life? This is exactly why camera phones have become such a rage these days. Most of us are selfie addicts; well it is better than being addicted to something more sinister. Selfie obsession is the biggest obsession of our times. Most of the mobile manufacturers want to capture this wind as well. Hence, we have a lot of phones flooding the market with the ‘perfect selfie phone’ tags. Continue Reading…

Events and Parties

Fluid Is You


Liva Fluid Fashion Event at Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017

Fashion week has become exciting over the years! From being that little girl in the crowd to actively working with brands and designers, I think I have come a long way. But doesn’t mean its easy! Every season before the fashion week begins, the madness starts! From what to wear to who to endorse, from which shows to attend to who to hang out with..its always tiring! This year Liva Fashion invited me over to attend a #FluidIsYou masterclass with ace stylists and designers at the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring Summer 2017. This made my life a little bit easier. Continue Reading…

Events and Parties

My Jeans My Way


John Players Jeans Autumn Winter Collection 2016

Who doesn’t love DIYs? When John Players told us we could customize our denims the way we like, we jumped at the opportunity and hit the John Players store in Lajpat Nagar to find more. They gave us fun colours, patches, threads, buttons, etc to give a personal touch to our denims and we had a ball doing it! I never imagined I would paint my jeans ever..well yes thats what we did! We spluttered some paint on the knees and added a patch at the back. My brother Rameek who accompanied me to the store got so much into the activity that he did two pairs of jeans! Continue Reading…

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In Conversation with Patrick Cameron, God of Hairstyling


Perfection in beauty is hard to achieve. Harder is the fact that no matter how big or committed you are to your work, there will always be areas which will remain unsettled. So while I pride myself in being a Beauty Blogger, I am not a pro at Hair Styling. Just one shabby bun and I carry on with monotony of life. So when I was invited to meet a world famous Hair Stylist on his maiden visit to India, I was flummoxed. Was it because of my lack of Hair Styling, or was it because of my endeavor to be an accomplished blogger. So, I went ahead and met Patrick Cameron, known as the God of Hair Styling, at Wella Studio in Saket to see what karma had store for me. Continue Reading…

Events and Parties

Luxury Fashion Style Conclave


Accademia del Lusso Luxury Fashion Style Conclave with FAD

Belle watched excitedly as her father busied himself in finishing yet another one of his marvelous and ingenious inventions. This time he was determined in creating a machine which produced ice without using water! The beast sat a little far away watching the pair in front of him curiously. He dare not go near the machine as he remember how he once got tiny shock, lost his temper and that resulted in him accidentally destroying Mr. Mourice’s machine. So he sat in a corner, obediently watching with his ears alert and eyes wide. Belle marveled at how her papa got these crazy ideas and theories and wished she was more like him. His machine had failed 3 times now but he still never gave up hope and continued working on it diligently. When Mr. Maurice had started huffing and puffing the girl and the beast knew he was tired and needed rest. So they left him and walked out of the room walking side by side, admiring the clear blue sky. Continue Reading…

Events and Parties

In Conversation With Reto Camichel


Talent, just as beauty, takes you places. Meeting someone like Reto Camichel, who has the talent of making everyone look beautiful and gorgeous, is a living example of what I just said. Hailing from South Africa, he started his career in Switzerland, when he was sixteen, and started his salon at the age of twenty two. He is associated with Sebastian for almost nine years now. He was in Delhi recently and I had the privilege of meeting him. He owns a Salon chain, hops all over the globe and works as a freelance artist with South African film industry. Reto conducts workshops, trainings and shows for everyone, right from top notch artists to housewives! Reto is stylish, inspirational, visionary and talented! Continue Reading…

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Its All About You


Deepika Padukone, probably the one and only among her peers to carry both the Indian and western look with élan, can look like both a diva and a girl next door. With an impeccable sense of style and aura coupled with flawless tinge of grace and charm, the way she carried herself throughout her little span of her journey in Bollywood compared to others sets her apart from the rest of the lot. Her sense of fashion and styling is a class apart and a paradigm shifter of this era. Finally the style queen of Bollywood launched her own fashion label which is called “All About You” in collaboration with Myntra. Continue Reading…

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Christmas at Select City Walk, Delhi



I love Christmas. I love Select City Walk. I love Select City Walk during Christmas. Moral of the story. Its unarguably one of the best malls Delhi has and the reasons are numerous. But we are not going there..for the sake of my wallet. So let’s concentrate on why I took these pictures in the first place. Christmas Carnival! Select City Walk is known to put up fancy and exquisite christmas decorations every year. From white christmas to giant pine trees, they have done it all. Continue Reading…

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Land of Morocco



 Delhi Event at The Grand, Vasant Kunj: Livon Moroccan Silk Hair Serum

Ever since I got the magical genie lamp in my mail box along with a parchment I knew the launch party was going to be kick a**! (If you still haven’t seen it then follow me on my instagram, link in sidebar). I’m talking about the Delhi bloggers meet organised by Livon for the launch of the new Moroccan Silk Hair Serum. The roll asked me to come dressed up in pink and gold and off I rushed to my wardrobe to find something pink. I have nothing in pink (I swear!) so I settled for coral pink. Although I accessorized with a neon pink envelope bag and a metallic gold pair of shoes. And I was sorted. Continue Reading…