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Accademia del Lusso Luxury Fashion Style Conclave with FAD

Belle watched excitedly as her father busied himself in finishing yet another one of his marvelous and ingenious inventions. This time he was determined in creating a machine which produced ice without using water! The beast sat a little far away watching the pair in front of him curiously. He dare not go near the machine as he remember how he once got tiny shock, lost his temper and that resulted in him accidentally destroying Mr. Mourice’s machine. So he sat in a corner, obediently watching with his ears alert and eyes wide. Belle marveled at how her papa got these crazy ideas and theories and wished she was more like him. His machine had failed 3 times now but he still never gave up hope and continued working on it diligently. When Mr. Maurice had started huffing and puffing the girl and the beast knew he was tired and needed rest. So they left him and walked out of the room walking side by side, admiring the clear blue sky.

“Your father is amazing Belle. I really enjoy watching his ideas come to life.” Beast said. “Ooh yes!” Belle answered cheerfully, “He’s a genius! Sometimes I wish I could create like him.” “What do you mean? Do you have machine inventing ideas as well?” “No, not machines… Something else. I was reading a book I found a few month ago in your library on fashion designing and since then I have been absolutely fascinated by it. I have spent countless hours designing and creating dresses. Mrs. Potts even brought me some fabric and Madame de la Grande Bouchehas been helping me design but I wish I got some proper tutelage on this matter.” Belle said longingly. Beast didn’t reply he just kept staring at the girl.

“This is for you” The beast said one day to Belle who was in her usual corner in the Library, reading a book. He handed her a paper which looked like a pamphlet. “I asked Clogsworth and Lumiere to do some research and they found this design school for you. It is called Accademia del Lusso and I am sure you will like it.” The beast smiled.
“But it is far! How can I leave you and papa alone for so long.” Belle cried. “All is settled. We would stay with you there. I have a house there as well and I everyone is more than willing to go!” Beast said. “Oh Beast! Thank you! This is the best present ever!” Belle cried happily and hugged him. Wondering why Belle is so excited? Brace yourself because we present to you Accademia del Lusso!

Accademia del Lusso is a School of Fashion & Design in Italy which was founded in 2005. They specialise in training key professional figures in the fashion, design and luxury sectors. The school is located on Via Monte Napoleone, which is an inspiring location at the heart of Milan’s fashion district. The mission for this school was started with the hopes and aims of involving the needs of the job market with the ambitions of those who want to begin or develop their career in the Fashion, Design and Luxury System. They provide professional and intensive preparations for every individual from all around the globe.

They offer 3 Year Courses, Masters Courses, Intensive Courses, Short-Term Courses and Preparatory Courses all of which will help students acquire the proficient knowledge and expertise to enter the job market in the design and fashion industries. Besides Milan, they have their schools located in the most prominent places around the world; Rome, Shanghai and Belgrade. Each courses offered tackle the necessities a student need to help them develop or enhance their skills. The teachers working in Accademia del Lusso are highly trained expert working professionals who are always in contact with the real world allowing the students to have first point contact with the latest trends. This makes teaching much more authentic and serves as a real learning experience for the students. The teachers present are either working for well-known fashion brands or are owners of their own companies. The students achieve the best quality updates and news on their subjects. The school’s teaching method consists of theoretic and practical experiments helping them learn and design their own creations. This opportunity allows the student and the teacher to develop a strong, genuine and dynamic interaction.

Accademia del Lusso works in close partnership with a wide range of companies to create events, conduct research and allow students to improve their experience through direct contact with the world of work. The companies Accademia del Lusso has worked with include: John Richmond, Massimo Ardizzone, Salvatore Ferragamo, Fashionist, Gold Black, Gruppo Zannier, Adecco Tourismo & Fashion, Hugo Boss, Alviero Martini Prima Classe, OVS, Prada, Verdissimo, Cream, Creamie, Kaffe, Norr and St. Martins

Accademia del Lusso has become one of the most significant Italian institutions for all those Indian schools and universities who are opening their doors to learn more about fashion & design. For this very reason, Prof. Raffaele Ferrante, teacher of marketing and retail management along with Bruno Paradiso, an International Relations Manager for Asian countries visited India to share their know-how through master conferences and classes in Delhi and Mumbai from May 6th to 11th 2016.Together with the local teachers and around 70 students at the Pearl Academy of Fashion and 180 at the Footwear Design & Development Institute in New Delhi, Professor Ferrante held two lectures focused on the evolution of the luxury system. He explained the several case-histories and provided examples from his own professional experience. The students engaged in a very active way, by asking questions and advice to the Professor.

In Mumbai, a two day seminar and conference organized with the FAD international Academy led to a strong construction to the place. Events such as “Luxury Fashion Style Conclave” was held during the Edutainment Show on May 9th and 10th which generated a very motivating connection with bloggers, entrepreneurs, designers, brand and retail managers who were all interested in the new and innovative ideas and themes. Bollywood actress Riya Sen was also a special guest for ADL and their Indian partner FAD Academy.

Thanks to the events which took place, Accademia del Lusso received praises and consideration both by the local business and the educational world. It is through experiences like these that Accademia del Lusso aims to develop and establish itself as a protagonist in India. Accademia del Lusso also has partnerships with Mod’art International and Regent’s Uuniversity London among several others. The school arranges over 150 internships for students with some of the high and major fashion and design industries in the world such as Valentino, Prada, Fendi, Ralph Lauren, Salvatore Ferragamo, Bottega Veneta, LVMH, Hugo Boss, Vivienne Westwood, Ermenegildo Zegna, John Richmond, Krizia, L’Espresso, L’Oreal, Luxottica and several other equally foremost brands. The opportunities provided by Accademia del Lusso allow students to put into practice all they have learnt during their studies and step into the world of work with a vast degree of accomplishments.






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