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Because Jewelry Always Fits


If a woman says she doesn’t like shiny things, she is lying. And I never lie! Which is why I am proudly showing you my new holiday jewellery haul.¬†Shiny and sparkly are two words that always grab my attention. With so many weddings and parties to attend, I am always looking for good statement pieces. Which is when I landed up at the Voylla jewellery collection. I surfed their entire website in my comfy pajamas while sipping on some hot chocolate (hello winter!) and ended up getting 4 statement pieces from their new women’s collection. I made sure to get jewellery I can wear to not just Indian weddings but events and parties in general which as a fashion blogger I get invited to a lot. Continue Reading…


Too Vogue For You


I’m back! I know I know a lot of apologies are needed here. And a lot of you left some curious mails and messages. So the thing is I recently moved to a new place (for the first time!) so it was a little difficult to handle both VNA and Petite Peeve with the crazy and hectic move. For almost 2-3 weeks I had NO internet connectivity. I don’t know how I lived! Going to starbucks for free wifi and hacking my neighbour’s wifi were just some of the things I was considering when I finally got the guys to set it up at my place. Not kidding! Finally I am settled here and back in action. Ofcourse the first post had to be huge..and what better than a haul. I have shopped and been gifted so many things in the past few weeks that I was itching to show them off. There is so much stuff to show you guys, so many new launches, so many summer essentials, so many favourites that I better shut up right here. Continue Reading…