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Indian Ethic Wear Shopping at Craftsvilla


Have you seen this new Craftsvilla ad where a group of friends visit a fashion exhibition to know the latest trends while their smart friends just chills at home and browses through the app, only to exchange ditto notes. Well that’s how I feel when I play stylist to my friends and family! By attending a lot of designer exhibitions and shows, I keep a tab on whats new and whats not. But to my friends who work a 9 to 5 job and often don’t have the luxury to attend these events, I suggest them to browse through my current favourite online website for ethnic wear. They have got everything under one roof, from Handmade to Vintage, Ethnic to casual formals, Organic to Natural..they bring you all that is #LatestseLatest. Even when I don’t have any parties to attend, I still browse through my favourite categories: lehengas and formal casuals, because I style a lot of shoots and the knowledge comes handy. Continue Reading…


He Coloured her Valentine with only the Brightest HUE


Beast was all fidgety when he saw the preparations being laid down for one of the most anticipated days of the year, the Valentine’s Day. He had heard Belle talk and talk about how lovely and romantic that day is for couples and Beast’s curiosity sparked. He knew Belle loved books and had said that that was the best gift she had ever received, but he couldn’t help but wonder, if he arranged for a romantic night for Belle on 14th of February, would she become closer to him and begin to love him as he loved her? Continue Reading…




When we were born, the first clothing we had when we came out from our mother’s womb was a pink towel. That is how our father, our grandparents and our siblings received us, wrapped up in pink, a bundle of love and joy. When we left the hospital, safely cradled in our mother’s arms, we wore those lovely soft cotton pink onesies which she had bought 5 months before our birth. Pink was our label ever since we came on Earth. Pink the soft and soothing colour, always pleasing and comforting in everybody’s eyes. Continue Reading…