He Coloured her Valentine with only the Brightest HUE


Beast was all fidgety when he saw the preparations being laid down for one of the most anticipated days of the year, the Valentine’s Day. He had heard Belle talk and talk about how lovely and romantic that day is for couples and Beast’s curiosity sparked. He knew Belle loved books and had said that that was the best gift she had ever received, but he couldn’t help but wonder, if he arranged for a romantic night for Belle on 14th of February, would she become closer to him and begin to love him as he loved her?

That thought alone made the great beast tremble and sweat. What if she didn’t like the arrangements? Beast loomed over everything that was being placed on the great hall and on the dining room with closer inspections and to look for any flaws but so far, everything seemed to work and look perfect. It was already 7pm and Belle was due to arrive in his castle at 8pm for dinner. He had invited her and had even laid out a special red gown for her. He hoped it was to her liking. It was now time for him to dress for the occasion. Lumier and Clogsworth shoved him into his royal jacket and tweeds while others tried to manage his large mane. In quarter of an hour, the beast was ready and now stood at the bottom of the stairs, awaiting Belle.

When she came, Beast could swore he had stopped breathing as he looked at the beautiful girl with silky brunette hair wearing the lovely sparkly red gown. Belle was very surprised to receive the gown and she blushed prettily when she saw the beast practically gawking at her and she couldn’t help but giggle inwardly. He was such a sweetheart!
Beast took her to the dining room where they had part taken in a grand feast which was brilliant cooked and tasted absolutely delicious. The beast led Belle towards a pile of wrapped presents and she opened them one by one and was stunned by each of them. He sure was spoiling her! After dinner, the couple retreated to the huge balcony which was covered in a glass dome and looked up at the stars. They were content to be there in each other’s arms. The beast then asked Belle to dance with him to which she happily obliged. When they waltzed, Beast took out his smartphone from his jacket pocket and switched on an app while Belle looked on puzzled.

Immediately the room was filled with dimmed light. Pinks, purples, gold, so warm and so romantic. The room was showered with such pretty lights while the couple danced among them. Belle felt as if she was dancing and swimming amongst rainbows and it felt so serene and so very romantic. Beast’s affectionate and loving side knew no bounds and there was no where Belle would rather be than with him, waltzing under the romantic lights. Ready to set the mood this Valentine Day?

Introducing the new wireless lights by Philips Hue which is the perfect little ingredient you need to take your valentine surprise to the next level. Every girl wishes to be pampered on Valentine’s day. Valentine’s day means, flowers, chocolates, love letters, jewellery and several other thoughtful little gift items. All girls love girly stuff and they will never deny big teddy bears or big hearts and most of all they certainly won’t deny a comfortable and warm environment.

Philips Hue lets you have the control of the environment. You have the control and hold the key to romance. Philips Hue provides you the most comfortable and soothing ambience. It is not just for valentine’s day. Available in gorgeous warm colours which have the ability to relax and warm you up, Philips Hue is the perfect modern day lighting. We have evolved so much in our lighting since the ancient years. You can control these lights from anywhere. Your backyard, your garage, your garden…anywhere! Philips Hue is programmed for easy home automation. By simply screwing on the light to the base, you can control the lights with a smart phone app. It comes with a starter kit which has to be hooked to a router and with just a push on the buttons, the lights are here to relax, soothe and change your moods.

You get to control your lights, your way. The smart way. You can increase the intensity or dim the lighting to your preference. It makes you feel at home and gives off a very comfortable and homely vibe. They are also available in several colours, perfect for every occasion and every mood. Decorate your home this Valentine’s day with Philips Hue for an even more romantic Valentine’s Day.

Philips Hues are also the best lighting you can find during huge social gatherings or for a lively party with your close comrades. Instead of the typical disco ball, which causes hassles sometimes, decorate your house and give out that oomph party feel with vibrant colours. They are perfect for any party environment. For really elegant ones, decorate the rooms with bright hues of gold and other warm colours then dim the lights and bring out the sassy colours such as purples, blues and magentas for a club like ambiance.

Boys love football and they always will. To make it even special for them, as though they are present right there in the stadium, use the Hues to brighten up your house with rich, bright and vibrant colours to give out the feel as if sitting right there in the stadium. The stadiums always have a mixture of really bright colours such as gold and other rich ones such as purples and maybe hints of blues. With Philips Hue you can make believe and now just by sitting at home you get the powerful and spectacular ambience that of a really big stadium.

While watching a really romantic Shah Rukh Khan movie with your girlfriend on valentines day, you can make the room comfortable and very romantic with just a click on the app to make the room full of the colours girls associate with during romance, pinks, reds and purples. With Philips Hues, a dimly lit romantic room is perfect for the valentines. Philip Hues gives you the power of having a modern and illuminating environment.

You can buy her some colour this valentine’s day HERE #sayitwithhue

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