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Hey there! I’m Anshita Juneja from Delhi, India and Petite Peeve is an extension to my already running and successful beauty blog Vanity No Apologies (www.vanitynoapologies.com) The sole reason of coming up with Petite Peeve was to create a more personal platform for myself to share my love for things other than makeup. So this one is geared towards street style, fashion, lifestyle, shopping, travel, food (trust me having a food blog is not a healthy when you are trying to lose)

I’m petite (didn’t the name already gave that away?) and you know how dressing up while staying up to date with latest trends can be quite a challenge for us. So it was natural for me to reach out to other vertically challenged girls who are neither models nor wannabe models. These are just 100% real girls. Petite Peeve aims to share my ideas with you through beautiful pictures and words.