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Even your Clothes Deserve a Treat


A washing machine is maybe not something you would normally find me getting excited about on the blog but they do carry out an essential function in your daily routine. Which made me wonder – why not talk about it, not only to share my thoughts but to also know what you guys think about it and maybe benefit from each other’s suggestions because honestly, I am no laundry queen and I can use all the help I can get!

What got me interested in washing machines recently was the amount of expensive clothing I had been buying and most of the intimates, fishnets, hats, dresses, etc. that I have are very delicate. Earlier I used to throw it all in the laundry together without giving it a thought and it used to ruin a lot of delicate stuff. But we need to wash all these nice things and not make a pile of hand wash only items which just sits there staring at your face for days. Our clothes need a sensitive washing machine; something that doesn’t indiscriminately shrink or bleach them in the process. Basically, here is what I look for in a good washing machine and I found the perfect fit as you would learn ahead:

Removes the toughest stains out there because you know your home girl – spilling stuff on my clothes comes to me as easily as…eating? But at the same time it should love my clothes as much as I do.

Something that won’t create a lot of noise because that gives me a headache

Something that is intuitive and takes care of my laundry without too much intervention from me. Too much to ask?

Last but not the least, it must look pretty sitting in my home

I was recently visiting my friend in Mumbai for a week. One night we went out for dinner and I was wearing my only for special occasions dress. No points for guessing what happened next – I spilled wine on it!  Next morning I woke up to realize that my friend, like the very good host she is, had already popped it in her Whirlpool Supreme Care Washing Machine. Wait! What? But before I could react, the laundry was done and to my surprise and utter happiness, my dress came out just perfect with no trace of my little wine accident last evening.

Now my friend has placed this front load washing machine in her kitchen, something I can never imagine. Why? Because you know how loud can these things be. But the other day while having one of our tea time conversations in her kitchen I got my answer. We could hardly hear the machine working. Honestly, how are these Supreme Care machines so quiet!

Now, I was just sold onto the Supreme Care with this next cool feature. So my friend added the load in the machine just before we went out only to return in the evening. When we came back I expected the clothes to be all smelly having been in the drum all day, but guess what? They were fresh and wrinkle free because of its Fresh Care feature that tumbles the clothes intermittently for up to 6 hours for us. Clearly the Supreme Care doesn’t forget even if you do.

The machine also has something called 6th Sense Technology that can detect the type of fabric, and customizes the wash motion accordingly giving the perfect care to your delicate and most expensive clothes. It also has a feature called Hot Finish that uses warm water for the last rinse to make your clothes fresh and soft. Smart!

Being manufactured and designed in Europe, the Supreme Care washing machine ensures that both the form and function are of utmost importance. With it you get an impressive design, build quality and above all, its intuitive technology, now available in India.

Did I mention that it looks great too with its gorgeous touch panel? There is a lot more I can say about the Whirlpool Supreme Care washing machine but in a nutshell, it ticks all the boxes for me.

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