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Nioxin Derma Renew Therapy


By now you must have guessed I spend twice my time and money on my hair than I do on my face! Ofcourse I spend on makeup but as far as skin care goes, its always less than my hair care! Nioxin products are known worldwide for combating hair thinning. In India P&G has acquired Nioxin and has brought their products to salons and online stores. Recently I gave the Nioxin Derma Renew therapy a try which claims to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum from your scalp, and act like a facial for the scalp. Yep hair facial. Thats what got me interested. Lets see what all it does and if Nioxin really works.

Nioxin- #1 selling salon brand for thicker fuller looking hair now in India Thinning hair is a highly common occurrence with more than one in two people across the globe experiencing some level of thinning. However, for something that affects so many people, there is a shocking lack of helpful, clear and consistent information and inspiration available surrounding what thinning hair is and why it occurs.

NIOXIN has developed the following new definition of hair thinning based on scientific, stylist and consumer insights. Thinning Hair = A Poor Scalp Environment + Fewer Hair Strands + Finer Hair Strands


A close look at hair biology reveals three areas that can impact hair appearance and condition:

  • Scalp and hair environment- Derma
  • Hair growth cycles – Density
  • The change of hair structure over time- Diameter

NIOXIN then approached the formulation of its products by linking the three components of thinning hair to these factors, and then formulating real science-based solutions with its 3 Therapies

  • Derma renew service (Facial for scalp): cleansing hair and scalp to remove sebum and residues,
  • Density protect: conditioning and protecting hair to help reduce hair loss due to breakage,
  • Density repair: by thickening each hair strand.

The Nioxin products come in 6 systems according to hair type. My scalp condition was matched to System 5.

System 1: for fine, natural (no chemical treatments like color, highlights, perms, or relaxers), normal to thin-looking hair.
System 2: for fine, natural, noticeably thinning hair.
System 3: for fine, chemically enhanced (color, highlights, lowlights, perms, or relaxers), normal to thin-looking hair.
System 4: for fine, chemically enhanced, noticeably thinning hair.
System 5: for medium/course, natural, normal to thin-looking hair.
System 6: for medium/course, natural, noticeably thinning hair.

I fixed an appointment with the Affinity Salon, GK 1, Delhi. I have been there once so I knew the staff there. First the Scalp Renew serum (the nozzle thingy) was applied to my scalp and left for around 10-15mins. Its supposed to exfoliate your scalp to take in the further products more effectively. After that my hair was washed thoroughly with the Nioxin System 5 Clarifying Shampoo and the conditioner applied was Nioxin System 5 Scalp Revitaliser Conditioner. After that Nioxin System 5 leave-in Scalp Treatment was applied on damp scalp to work its magic. After that the regular blow dry followed although I instructed them to blow dry at the min setting since I try to avoid hot blow drys as much as possible.

My hair felt thoroughly clean. I kept track of my hair fall that week and it was comparatively less than what I experience normally. This is a long term procedure and needs to be applied every month. So I cannot comment on the long term effects right now. But they have this at-home kit which you can use at home if visiting a salon every month is a task. With regular use I am hoping hair thinning can be controlled to a great extent. The kit includes Nioxin Cleanser, Scalp Revitaliser and a Scalp Treatment and is priced at Rs. 2390Nioxin Derma Renew Therapy, available at salons is priced at Rs. 3000.




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  • Reply Jiya May 25, 2015 at 10:19 pm

    whoa! After looking at the price, I’d choose the whole kit over alon treatment. *palm-face* <3 Jiya mwaah

    • Reply Anshita June 27, 2015 at 6:07 pm

      hahaha tue that :D

      • Reply Varun March 13, 2016 at 7:39 pm

        Is it work, I am losing hair and even facing prblm with dandruff. Please advice

        • Reply Anshita May 30, 2016 at 12:38 pm

          it reduced my hairfall, so yes it works. but you will have to be regular with it

  • Reply Angus April 24, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    Hey,actually I’m also from new that salon still here in Delhi and do they sell nioxin products?I really don’t know where to find nioxin products in India :(

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