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The heat wave in Delhi! It has made me so lazy. All I want to do all day is chill out with a cooler and a good book in my bed with a/c on. Going out in this heat is like going out on a suicide mission! Add to it the early monsoons and the humidity and everything goes down hill. I had been keeping my hair up in a bun that I had forgotten how it feels to have your waves fall over your shoulders. As soon as I got a break from house shifting, I ran to a salon near my area and went straight for a hair spa. What I love about hair spas is that apart from leaving the salon with movie star hair, you also get some decent head and shoulder massage which nobody can say no to. Since I moved to this area of Delhi recently and had no idea about good hair salons, so I picked this salon called Krushhh by Konica near Vikas Surya Mall in Rohini.

For those who are wondering, I will quickly tell you the Wella hair products used on me. I have got ombre hair so they used colour protectants on my hair. The spa guy started with Wella Professionals Brilliance Color protection Shampoo and Conditioner. Later Wella Professionals Brilliance Treatment mask for colored hair was used along with Wella SP Luxe Oil. The process was the usual as any hair spa but this time the guy offered me a foot massaging machine..I couldn’t refuse! The head and shoulder massage was relaxing too. See thats what I love about can just sleep there. Ofcourse I managed to stay awake for the sake of selfies. My hair was visibly softer and smoother. I was considering a hair trim but after looking at the pictures Salor asked me not to. So I obliged and now I gotta deal with Rapunzel hair this summer. How are you dealing with the sun? I am wearing minimal makeup and wearing just shift dresses or shorts and Tshirts.

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