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Honey I coloured my hair again! It amazes me to think there was a time I thought I would never colour my hair. Nope. Not a chance. And look at me now. Last year I tested the waters with an at home hair colouring kit. I liked the result but those things are difficult to show up and fade away pretty soon. So I went to a salon and asked for an ombre..given my obsession with ombre last year it surprised nobody. It took me 2 more hair jobs to fix the colour because first it was too subtle and the next time too bright. By June this year I was already bored of it. But I just didn’t know what to do with it. I couldn’t go out and pick any shade..its my hair..HAIR!

So I waited and waited for inspiration to strike. And then suddenly on a whim I decided to go au naturale. I finalized Wella Illumina Hair Colour to paint my hair as this range specializes in the natural and subtle look. There is something about the colour which gives you luminous shine and incredible hair. It has a total of 21 shades ranging from warm, neutral to cool. I read that somebody said Wella had to work hard to find a new word to describe the result of this Illumina range. It’s so luminous…there’s a real lightness to this which is just how hair should look. Copper is present at the cuticle and interferes with the standard colour development, leaving your hair rough at the surface. Wella Illumina’s microlight technology surrounds the copper so it does not interfere with the development and increases cuticle protection. Cuticles are clear and smooth resulting in outstanding light reflection. It elevates light to its highest spectrum, revealing previously unseen potential in hair. Going a step further than virtually animated movies, they have brought luminosity in colored hair to a complete new level of naturalness, perfection and beauty and you are able to differentiate from shine to the luminosity that comes from within the hair.

Soon I made an appointment with the Affinity salon as you read in the last post. It was Halloween and here I was..going all natural! The stylist gave my hair one look and asked “when did you wash them last?” See I am very private about these things. Mainly because I don’t like to shock people. It had been a week. A week! This time I didn’t bother to cover up and told him the truth and she said “perfect!”

Apparently hair colour shows up better when you have natural oils on your scalp. For once my laziness paid off. I then had a long discussion with the head stylist about which wella illumina hair colour shade for my indian skin should we go ahead with. My natural hair is around shade 4 so she suggested we go with something between 6-7 as I wanted to keep it subtle. She used 7/7 with a little 5/7 on me. I asked her if we could pick one of the cool toned shades. I blatantly said “you know cool toned lipsticks suit me a lot” Yep. Always a beauty blogger. She told me the cool shades are meant for lighter hair and wont really come out on my dark hair. So it was settled..a warm natural brown. I was going brunette again!

The process took about an hour and the final result is here for you to check out. I like the subtle hints of chocolate brown here and there as she mixed shade 6 and 7. In artificial light it looks dark brown but when sunlight hits they look magical. I love love my hair right now. I will be posting some outfit posts soon where you can see my hair after a month of colouring. They have lightened up a tad bit to look soft brown.










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  • Reply Julia January 23, 2017 at 2:32 am

    First you said you used 7/7 with a little 5/7, then you said she mixed shade 6 with 7. Which were the shades?

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