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Its All About You


Deepika Padukone, probably the one and only among her peers to carry both the Indian and western look with élan, can look like both a diva and a girl next door. With an impeccable sense of style and aura coupled with flawless tinge of grace and charm, the way she carried herself throughout her little span of her journey in Bollywood compared to others sets her apart from the rest of the lot. Her sense of fashion and styling is a class apart and a paradigm shifter of this era. Finally the style queen of Bollywood launched her own fashion label which is called “All About You” in collaboration with Myntra. Continue Reading…

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When I Got My Hair Chalked Pink..



Yes pink! When I first told my mom that I am gonna get my hair coloured pink she got hyper instantly! I had to calm her down with a “just kidding”. My parents literally threatened to throw me out of the house if I ever turn up at the door with pink hair. Sailor refused to hang out with the girl with pink hair. Sigh. So obviously the next best choice was a temporary colour which I somehow convinced these “boring” people in my life. Yes I am one of those people who make pinterest boards of pretty things and hair chalks were on my lust list from ever since they came out. Go search for the post “Bohemian Circus” on VNA to know how desperately I wanted these hair chalks to come in India. And that they did!

This year 2 brands in India came out with these temporary chalks for hair in a wide variety of colours: L’Oréal Professionnel and The Body Shop. TBS has priced them ridiculously at 1k while the L’Oreal chalk retails for Rs.500. Although L’Oreal in only available at salons so obviously I headed to my current favourite Geetanjali Salon in Delhi i.e the Select City Walk one. I trust the staff there. I also got my ombre hair colour retouched which I would show you once the chalk wears off. Continue Reading…