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In Conversation With Reto Camichel


Talent, just as beauty, takes you places. Meeting someone like Reto Camichel, who has the talent of making everyone look beautiful and gorgeous, is a living example of what I just said. Hailing from South Africa, he started his career in Switzerland, when he was sixteen, and started his salon at the age of twenty two. He is associated with Sebastian for almost nine years now. He was in Delhi recently and I had the privilege of meeting him. He owns a Salon chain, hops all over the globe and works as a freelance artist with South African film industry. Reto conducts workshops, trainings and shows for everyone, right from top notch artists to housewives! Reto is stylish, inspirational, visionary and talented!

In Delhi, he created some fantastic looks, tips, dos and don’ts with Bloggers and Artists in an interactive session at an event held at Wella Studio in Saket. About his association with Sebastian, Reto takes pride in the fact that the association has entered its ninth year in an era where few marriages do not last for more than six months! He said that Sebastian has given him a totally new perspective of looking at hair styling. He did have the basic understanding of hair styles and haircuts, but the technical aspects like proportion, shape, length and texture were introduced by Sebastian.

Reto was quite impressed with Indian hairdressers and makeup artists. Calling the talent phenomenal, he said that he would really like to applaud the craftsmanship and talent without messing with the cultural sensibilities. An artist should have no ego, and India is the place where artists work with a lot of warmth and have a positive attitude towards learning. Reto interacted with everyone and shared latest styles and trends from the beauty industry.
Here are the excerpts of my meeting with the famous South African Hair Stylist and Artist:

What will be the Hair Trends of 2016?

Long bob hair is in. Layered looks with focus on texture is the trend to look forward to in 2016. The trendsetting moment will be the playful and carefree look. The overall get up this season will be very playful, colored, wavy hair with neutral color. The color will be discreet. Choppy, long bob is coming back in a big way.

What is Your Favorite Hair Trend?

Lots of length, movement, playful, sexy hair, with an imperfect look is what I love. Long, wavy hair with messy appearance is my favorite.

What inspires you the most?

Everything around me is a source of inspiration. Movies, nature, people and other artists, all are a source of inspiration. Especially the movie director Michael N Chaye, with whom I have recently collaborated, is an example of passion. I am just blown away by his dedication and understanding of the craft.

One advice to Indian women?

Indian women have the most beautiful hair on Earth. They are blessed indeed. However, I would like to mention few things to them like:

  • Look after your hair
  • Be more experimental
  • Have fun with hair

Hair is a medium of expression and not just a dead tissue or a body part. Your hair defines your mood, style and state of mind. Appreciate the beauty of hair. So stay playful, lively and experimental with your hair, always.

How did you find India?

I was amazed by the beauty of India. I have been to Goa and Mumbai. People are very warm, helpful & gentle. I loved the tolerant and all inclusive nature of Indians. I loved Mumbai. I did not get enough time to visit Delhi, but will try to compensate by visiting Golden triangle, I am going back to Goa soon and I am so impressed by the spiritual energy of this country.

Why did you choose this career?

This career chose me. My Mom has a taste and flair for hair. She was very talented and my father was an artist himself. Art was an option. I love beauty, I love connecting with people so this was the natural course of way

Any favorites from Bollywood?

One Actress is very prominent on international circuit but I do not know her name. Bollywood has timeless glamour in hair, clothes, makeup, music etc. I love the celebration of joy in Bollywood. I find it really incredible.





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