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Review, How to use, Price, Buy Online Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment with HTX

Most of you know that I have been changing or say improving how we do things on VNA. I’ve been expanding the team and all this stress has been showing on body. I’ve never had hair problems before but these days I’m suffering from hair fall issues. Initially I thought it was a seasonal thing but it somehow never stopped. I knew I had to talk to a professional and that is when I booked an appointment to mt favorite Salon, Affinity Pitampura. The staff there knows me well enough by now and they know how to take care of me which is why I love going there. So last weekend when I showed up on their door, they knew I meant business! The head stylist discussed with me the issues I’ve been having lately with my hair and we started going over possible solutions.

That is when he mentioned Nioxin and it immediately struck me that I have been a bad girl. I took the Nioxin derma renew therapy last year but due to my schedule I was never regular and left it mid way. He told me the Nioxin guys have introduced one more product in the range which is the Nioxin Diaboost Thickening Xtrafusion Treatment With HTX. Its specifically targeted for thin hair.

He told me about the variants meant for different hair types. He recommended we use level 5 since I have coarse and colour treated hair. I remember last time also level 5 was used on me. But this time it was coupled with Nioxin Diaboost. The Nioxin Hair System products work directs on the scalp and roots and work in such a way that stimulates hair growth right from within. You get a shampoo, conditioner and leave in serum. Since the entire range is meant to work on your roots, you massage the conditioner on your scalp instead of hair length. For the serum, you work it on your scalp and hair length. After that you apply Nioxin Diaboost hair treatment on your scalp and let it dry.

Nioxin diaboost is also meant to give you instant results. I’m showing you some of my pictures below which show the crazy volume I got. I admit they gave me a blow dry but I asked them to keep it low so I could see the results clearly. The result? Instant volume. I love me my spa days which is why you must try the Nioxin Hair System in a salon. But the home kit comes out more economical. The nioxin kit is available to buy online.









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