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Wella EIMI Hair Care Range Review

Remember the bloggers meet with Patrick Cameron I talked about a few months back? Apart from sharing some good hairstyling techniques, he also launched the new Wella EIMI range of products. At that time, this launch was a secret so I couldn’t really share it in the post but now I can! There are a lot of products under the EIMI range but I am showing you my 3 favourite products from the range. I will talk about each one in detail.

Wella EIMI Dry Me Dry Shampoo

Its my favourite in the range. Actually dry shampoos have always had a special place on my shelf because I’m a lazy girl and lazy girls don’t wash their hair everyday..they rather wash it once in ten days a week and they can procrastinate a shampoo for I don’t know how long! I won’t even reveal for how long I have gone without a hair wash in winters because its really embarrassing but hey this is what dry shampoo are for! The moment the oil creeps in, just spray a few times and you are set for the day. My scalp is quite oily so I generally use it 4th day onwards after a shampoo. I massage it into my scalp and all the oil is absorbed. Very convenient to use. Lazy girls..take note of this new star in the market. Price: Rs.900

Wella Root Shoot Mousse

Raise your hand if you love volume! Anybody with hair likes a generous volume to hair and specially those with fine straight hair. I’ve super straight and smooth hair and while I love the texture, I could use some help in the volume department. You apply a generous quantity of the mousse on your scalp before a blow dry and tadaa hello insane volume! I hate backcombing, it just messes up your hair so I use it when I get ready for shoots and events. Its very lightweigght and non greasy (actually most of the wella styling products are) and gives a strong hold. Price: Rs.900

Wella EIMI Perfect Me Lightweight BB Lotion

Move over BB creams because now we have BB lotions for hair! Genius! Its a serum meant to give your hair some healthy shine. Its also meant to be used as a heat protectant. It also takes care of the frizz and gives a smooth look to hair. But here is when things get interesting, it not only works as a normal serum but also acts as a moisturizer for hair..much like a leave in conditioner but without the greasiness. It also works as a hair perfume, I use a lot of them but a lot of hair perfumes tend to give strong artificial fragrance but this one is really good. I apply this bb serum on my hair post shampooing as I just love its fragrance. Its very fun and yum! So ideally the procedure would be to use the dry shampoo first and then apply the Root Shoot mousse on scalp and the Perfect Me BB lotion all over your hair and proceed with the blow dry. You can skip the mousse if you are not going for heat styling. Its like an all in one product for your hair. If you are looking to buy just one product from the entire range to fulfill your hair needs, then this is it. Price: Rs.900

In the pictures, I have used all of the three products. You can see the volume and shine in my hair.





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  • Reply Dipika Desai August 17, 2016 at 4:33 pm

    your hair looks so good. The range is impressive.

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