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4 Favourite Summer Hair Care Products


I recently updated my hair care regimen after it started getting sticky and humid. My dandruff and hairfall started again and boy short hair are more difficult to maintain! Earlier I would just make a bun and get through a bad hair day but with hair that are barely below my shoulders, its getting really messy. I can neither make a bun nor I can let them loose in the Delhi sun. So I end up with this weird twisty thing which is neither a bun nor a ponytail! I never knew it would be so difficult. To fight the hairfall and honestly to just perk things up, I updated my hair wardrobe and found some favourites. Continue Reading…

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Switch to Radiance: Day Skin Care Routine with Olay


Olay White Radiance Skin Care Range: Day Routine

I hope you are enjoying my reviews as much as I’m loving doing them. Whenever I run out of a product, I try and replace it with something similar or even better. Now I won’t recommend this to you because once you find the products that work for you, you stick to them! But well my job isn’t easy as it looks. In my effort to bring you the crème de la crème of skin care industry, I turn my skin into a guinea pig. I’ve been using a new skin care range from a month and its time I talk about it today. It’s the Olay White Radiance Range. I was sold at the radiance part. I love products that are targeted towards skin brightening. The range works to reduce dark spots and uneven skin tone. It uses a revolutionary technology that re-activates sluggish skin metabolism to quickly reduce the appearance of dark spots. How you ask? It works in the skin’s cellular level to improve the skin tone. It penetrates 10 layers deep down into your skin and transforms uneven skin into a radiant glowing skin. Continue Reading…

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I Got My Eyes On You


In the age of technology, comes a new tech master, Le Eco, to hit the Indian smart phone market like a storm. Le Eco has already made a ton of hype on twitter, facebook, and other social medias, you name it. With a great line up of affordable smart phones with new CDLA (continual digital loseless audio) technology, it’s only a small wonder why everyone is going brohuaha over it. I already have Le 2 as you saw in my last post, but I also got Le Max 2 which I will review today. Le Eco Le Max 2 comes in two variants: Continue Reading…

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Who Moved My Phone?


How do you tell someone has got a new phone? don’t worry they will tell you themselves.

“New phone, lost contacts, pls whatsApp”

No, I haven’t lost contacts but I can safely ask you to follow me on snapchat because hey-oh, 16 MP front camera. You know what that means? more dog filter snapstories, of course. Now that it’s been established, let me tell you kids about my latest phone Le 2 by LeEco, (it’s pronounced as La Eco, guys, took me 3 days to get it right, not gonna lie)

In the age of smartphones, we are constantly getting high specifications at a low cost, and now enters LeEco with their low budget phone Le 2 with great specifications which has already made its mark in Indian market. What specifically caught the deal for me , you ask? Continue Reading…

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Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair


Raise your hand if you were following my goa adventures on snapchat! I know! This goa trip was awesome and I can’t get over the fact how beautiful and surreal the destination is. Now I know why everybody heads to goa as soon as you say holiday. I never could get the hype around it but now I do. While I very care free in goa (read no cares about the sunscreen, makeup, hair, outfits) because I take my holidays very seriously and if I have to fuss over all the stuff then how is it a holiday! But honestly everything fell into place..the pictures came out nice, my outfits were great and my hair looked beach ready. I really didn’t do anything but they always had these light beachy waves there. Continue Reading…

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In Conversation with Patrick Cameron, God of Hairstyling


Perfection in beauty is hard to achieve. Harder is the fact that no matter how big or committed you are to your work, there will always be areas which will remain unsettled. So while I pride myself in being a Beauty Blogger, I am not a pro at Hair Styling. Just one shabby bun and I carry on with monotony of life. So when I was invited to meet a world famous Hair Stylist on his maiden visit to India, I was flummoxed. Was it because of my lack of Hair Styling, or was it because of my endeavor to be an accomplished blogger. So, I went ahead and met Patrick Cameron, known as the God of Hair Styling, at Wella Studio in Saket to see what karma had store for me. Continue Reading…

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Girls Day Out at DLF Place, Saket


The giant hot tava we are living in has made my life difficult for so many reasons. First, I have to deal with my super oily skin which seems to have a mood of its own. It breaks out the moment I step out in the sun. Second, it gets difficult to convince my gang to hang out. Who would like to hang out in the Delhi summer? I love street shopping but its only possible in the colder months. Which is why I love to mall around. I just came back from my fabulous goa trip and wanted to fill my bestie in with all the details so we planned to spend our weekend at DLF Place, Saket. Continue Reading…

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Luxury Fashion Style Conclave


Accademia del Lusso Luxury Fashion Style Conclave with FAD

Belle watched excitedly as her father busied himself in finishing yet another one of his marvelous and ingenious inventions. This time he was determined in creating a machine which produced ice without using water! The beast sat a little far away watching the pair in front of him curiously. He dare not go near the machine as he remember how he once got tiny shock, lost his temper and that resulted in him accidentally destroying Mr. Mourice’s machine. So he sat in a corner, obediently watching with his ears alert and eyes wide. Belle marveled at how her papa got these crazy ideas and theories and wished she was more like him. His machine had failed 3 times now but he still never gave up hope and continued working on it diligently. When Mr. Maurice had started huffing and puffing the girl and the beast knew he was tired and needed rest. So they left him and walked out of the room walking side by side, admiring the clear blue sky. Continue Reading…

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Play Unscripted


This is the first time I’m writing for boys! Over the past 6 years I have received a lot of mails from boys for not writing about them..mostly what colours to wear, which products to use, which brands to try, how to style, etc etc and its no surprise because when it comes to fashion, men are more clueless than their prettier counterparts. I said it! So I decided to get you some styling advice from a guy who knows his stuff. He is my cousin (it runs in the family you see) and spends almost all his earnings on jeans and shoes. If you ask him where all his money is..he would say he is wearing it. So who better than him to give some summer styling tips to all the men out there. John  Players recently invited us to explore their new men’s spring summer collection and I took him along so we could have some fun together while working. Continue Reading…