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The Perfect Wedding Destination: #shaadibymarriott


According to Indian tradition, “Marriages are decided in heaven and arranged on Earth”– a sacred union where two unite as one. Weddings are the most crucial event in the life of every Indian parent and it’s not just a simple day’s event. It is a very hectic period and an event which requires a lot of preparation. The occasion is almost like a festival, stretching on for days with celebrations.  An Indian parent spares no expense when it comes to wedding and the preparations are simply marvelous.

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It’s that time of year again where I take you on a tour of the newest John Players collection. The response to the past posts has been great and I plan to continue the series. JP recently organized a bloggers meet to introduce us to their new spring summer 17 collection and yours truly was invited to be a part of the amazing event. This time I took my friend Rohan along for his take on latest men’s fashion and whats trending.

Before I take you through my day there, did you know that John Players has been rated in the Top 4 exciting apparel brands in India, as per Economic Times 2015 Most Exciting brands survey. The offerings encompass a complete & vibrant wardrobe of Formals, Casuals, Party wear & Denims incorporating a trendy mix of colors, playful styling & smart fits. Continue Reading…

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Orange Is The New Black

Hello there! I just got done replying to a sea of emails and comments and before I go binge watch the newest season of the 5th season of Orange Is The New Black (yep that’s where I got the title inspo from!), I want to quickly update you on some of my new wardrobe pieces I’m loving.

I recently shopped from IMAIMA after looking at the minimalist designs and outfits from Spring Summer 17 collection. The colours and cuts are clean, simple, sophisticated and luxurious. I styled 3 outfits from their collection which I will show you in 2 blog posts. Continue Reading…

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VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen SPF 30 PA+++

VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen

Its so hot here that I can’t even think of makeup. But whats keeping me sane is my bag full of good skin care products which are a must have in Indian summers. Sunscreen is an extremely important part of skincare without which summer is not tolerable. The harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun have some damaging effects on the skin and it leads to tanning, pigmentation, sudden breakouts and much more. Premature aging is also another damaging effect on the sun. Therefore, sunscreen isn’t taken as an option anymore but recommended as a must have by dermatologists all over the globe to protect from sun rays. From among the many sunscreens I have, VLCC Matte Look Sunscreen with SPF 30 is my favourite. Continue Reading…

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How To Use Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer


Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer Tutorial for Eyebrows, Upper Lips

I know I know you have been waiting for this one. A lot of you had many inhibitions about using a trimmer on your..EYEBROWS! Don’t fret, I’m going to explain it all. In my last post we talked about the Veet Sensitive Touch Trimmer in detail about the contents you get in the box, different ways you can use it, why you should keep one handy in your bag, etc. Today we are going to talk about how exactly one should use it..since it’s a machine..and know what I mean, right? Continue Reading…

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ASUS Zenfone3sMax: What Makes It the Best Valentine’s Day Gift


Valentine’s Day is round the corner. It’s that time of the year when we put a lot of heart and thought in deciding the gift we want to give our valentine. For most, this can be a tough decision. After all, we all want to gift something that is meaningful, heartfelt and shows our partner how much we care for him or her. Fortunately, ASUS has just launched a new smartphone, Zenfone3s Max, that is probably the best gift one will come across this Valentine’s Day. Here are 5 reasons why we think so. Continue Reading…

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OPPO Times Fresh Face 2016 Training & Grooming


If you are reading this post, you are well versed with the culture and times we live in. Yes, it is indeed the culture of self-obsession. Instead of worrying over all the world problems, why don’t we just relax a bit, talk to someone, look at our pretty face, capture the moments and move on in life? This is exactly why camera phones have become such a rage these days. Most of us are selfie addicts; well it is better than being addicted to something more sinister. Selfie obsession is the biggest obsession of our times. Most of the mobile manufacturers want to capture this wind as well. Hence, we have a lot of phones flooding the market with the ‘perfect selfie phone’ tags. Continue Reading…

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Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer


The thing about internet is that you know what’s going around. Being a beauty and fashion blogger, a lot of my online time is spent on drooling at those out of reach brands and products which our American counterparts love to flaunt! One such product was Veet Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer for Women. I remember looking at the blog tutorials and reviews and wishing it was available in India. Well guess now is! Veet recently launched this new beauty gadget in the Indian market and I am sure a lot of you are curious about how it works and if you should invest in it. Read the review to know about my experience with this hair removal trimmer. Continue Reading…

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Himalaya Winter Bundle Unboxing


Merry Christmas! How is your Christmas coming along? I’m overdosing on hot chocolate and pancakes! Although I think I’m going to buy some plum cake tomorrow when we are out watching Dangal. In terms of skin care, my skin care routine has changed a lot keeping in mind the nip in the air. Although its not crazy cold yet but my oily skin has turned to combination normal which is such a relief! I love winters for this reason alone. Himalaya recently sent over some of their new winter skin care launches and I’m going to unbox and show you the products in this himalaya winter bundle. Although its not exactly an unboxing because I couldn’t wait to try out the products as soon as I got them. Let’s start with my favourites! I got three new body lotions to try: Continue Reading…