When we were born, the first clothing we had when we came out from our mother’s womb was a pink towel. That is how our father, our grandparents and our siblings received us, wrapped up in pink, a bundle of love and joy. When we left the hospital, safely cradled in our mother’s arms, we wore those lovely soft cotton pink onesies which she had bought 5 months before our birth. Pink was our label ever since we came on Earth. Pink the soft and soothing colour, always pleasing and comforting in everybody’s eyes.

As we began to grow up, we wanted everything to be pink. No denial there. Our room was supposed to be pink, our bed sheets, our clothes, our shoes, ribbons, hairclips and bands, room walls, our school bags, pink gift wrapping, pink presents and not to mention, a pink birthday cake.

Our childhood years basically passed by us swimming in pink and loving it! I think it was expected from us to grow out of our fascination for pink by the time we reached our teen years. Some of us did, but we are not easily letting go of our favourite colour anytime soon.

Few of our classmates, started calling us girly-girls and babies when we still carried pink pencils, pens, notebooks and bags in school. They did not understand pink’s value and how much comforting it was to us.

Today if we enter a clothing shop for kids or babies, you can see two distinct rows for boys and girls. Girl row is filled with pink frocks, tops, pink sweaters, shoes, floppy pink hats adored with flowers, butterflies. The clothing decorated with fairies and tiaras with lovely cute sayings such as, “Princess” or “Precious”. While the boys rows have all the dark blue clothing with every super hero on earth’s pictures stuck on it and not to mention all those manly sayings such as, “Mamma’s Hero” or “I’m too young and handsome to be your boyfriend”. Journey to a kid’s store, is an entertainment in its self.

Possibly the best childhood memories we have are of us dressing up in gorgeous pink gowns and frocks with a magic wand or a big tiara on our head for our birthdays. During every fancy dress competition held by the schools, most of the girls turned up dressed as princesses or fairies in their flowing frilly pink frocks and shiny intricately designed tiaras while blessing everyone with the star tipped wands.

When I open my wardrobe now, in my twenties, I still see a few pink items in there. The one main pink object which us girls cannot survive without is pink pumps. That is the power of awesomeness for us. Sure, red gives us a sense of sexiness and glamour when we strut down in them in LBDs but pink brings out the fun and the childishness we still have in our hearts. It brings out the fun and the desires we hold and we feel like little girls again.

The next important thing is a shiny pink purse. The right accessories have the power to boost confidence to another level. Just imagine carrying a pink clutch with studded stones to pair our LBDs. Black or other rich colours with the gold and silver studs give out a lot of sophistication and elegance, no doubt but carrying those monotonous colours everyday is like having weekdays even on weekends. Now carrying pink handbags with gold or silver designs on dates pared with a gorgeous dress gives a volume of charm to our appearance and thoughts.

Many regard pink as a weak colour but try wearing a sleeveless pink frock with tight body and flowing layers at the bottom. It makes you sexy without being too harsh which sometimes red has a tendency to do which is why people choose red for specific days but pink can be worn everyday and in every season.

Just look at the makeup we own, half of the lipsticks are guaranteed to be different shades of pink. Hot pink, baby pink, nude pink, subtle pink and whatever other shade of pink there is! Don’t we just love lightly layering our cheeks with subtle pink blushes to give out a natural shy and energetic hue to our face? Even some of our eye shadows are pink! Maybelline (Along with several other companies) came out with a whole pink eye shadow pallet, The Blushed nudes which contain the gorgeous light shimmery and ate shades of pink.

Waking up every day and the idea of straightening and setting our hair seems such a pain and we can’t help but want to go crawl back to sleep. For me, the idea of straightening my hair with a pink straightener brings out a girlish excitement and I can’t get enough of it.

It all about the accessories, the more glamorous the more you want to wear them and want to go out. Pink has been stuck with us for years and still is the favourite colour of celebrities and us mortals! We were born wrapped in pink, we should still embrace it.

I will reveal more in the next post. Till then here is something to treat your eyes. Life in pink!












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