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In Conversation with Patrick Cameron, God of Hairstyling


Perfection in beauty is hard to achieve. Harder is the fact that no matter how big or committed you are to your work, there will always be areas which will remain unsettled. So while I pride myself in being a Beauty Blogger, I am not a pro at Hair Styling. Just one shabby bun and I carry on with monotony of life. So when I was invited to meet a world famous Hair Stylist on his maiden visit to India, I was flummoxed. Was it because of my lack of Hair Styling, or was it because of my endeavor to be an accomplished blogger. So, I went ahead and met Patrick Cameron, known as the God of Hair Styling, at Wella Studio in Saket to see what karma had store for me.

Patrick appeared to be a very fun loving guy. He was equally easy to deal with. A lot of bloggers were present at the event, and he made everyone feel comfortable by answering questions, cracking few jokes, and displaying his immense knowledge in his field of expertise, with regards to Indian sensibilities.

He has been a part of Hollywood and recently shared the dais and the dressing room at Cannes film festival with the who’s who of fashion and film fraternity. He has been with Wella for over twenty five years, and has been constructively collaborating with them by trotting all over the globe.

He knows Indian hair care regime very well. Quite appreciative and encouraging he was, about our oiling and shampooing ritual, and was equally impressed about our standards of beauty linked with long hair. I will talk about major takeaways from Patrick’s interaction.

Major Takeaways from Patrick Cameron Bloggers Meet

1. This season is all about being long and curly. Long thick manes, super soft, wavy/curly will redefine the look.

2. Highlights are a thing of the past now. Go for colors, all over the manes, be bold, and make a daring statement if you can.

3. Oil your hair. It is a great thing. In fact, most of the tips inherited from Grand moms and moms are superb. Carry on the legacy.

4. Soft silky hair should be the dream ever woman should aspire to achieve.

5. There is no such thing as complacency in hair styling. The more you want, the better you can get. Patrick says that he is always on the lookout for inspiration. He does not prefer repeating hair styles too often.

6. Bollywood is big, and bigger is the wedding market in India. So, you can look at Bollywood for inspiration, and try the trends at Weddings.

A few Tips from Patrick Cameron:

1. If you have curly hair, then brush your hair from bottom to top. This will keep the curls intact, and will cause you less pain.

2. After a head bath, try to run your fingers through the wet hair. This will make your hair soft and free of tangles.

3. If you use a herbal conditioner, it is great. Do not ditch it for chemicals.

4. Great if you can go for a Hair Spa once in a month.

5. Focus on your diet for great hair. Good protein intake makes your hair growth thick and hassle free.

6. Can you keep your hair a little nourished throughout? If yes, then do so. This will prevent hair fall.

7. Do not wait for the strands to dry before you brush. As mentioned, run your fingers through the wet strands first and comb in a subtle manner.

8. How often should you shampoo? Well not every day for sure. For arid and humid conditions, shampooing twice a week is okay. Do not forget to oil your hair.

9. Do not ignore the scalp while oiling your hair. A little oil at the tips, and a little on the scalp.

10. Split ends do not happen because of combing wet hair. It is lack of protein intake. Try to eat legumes, eggs and juices.

11. There is no such thing as over the top styling of hair.

12. ‘Modern Vintage’ will define the look of the season. So buns, braids and pony tails are in.

13. Straight hair is not in vogue anymore, so if you have curls and waves, then flaunt them.

14. Keep your hair short if your strands are dry.

15. Patrick is not a huge fan of brushes. Yes, brushes or combs are not his way of doing things. So trust your fingers, style your hair using fingers more often.

16. A sure shot way of getting a new hair style is back combing. Yea, I am not kidding. Hold your hair upright, and back comb them to create new hair styles every day. This can be easily put up with a braid or two. Most of the sophisticated and elegant hair styles are derived from these two basic combinations.

17. For an elegant and perfect hair style, focus on the symmetry of the head. The bun should be linear to the ear lobe. The pony tail should fall in line with the ear lobe by being placed above the ear lobe. So, always keep symmetry in mind. Do not turn or shake your face while combing. This deters the appearance. Beauty and sensuality is all about being in symmetry and proportion.

18. Well built women should avoid open hair, and thin women should avoid straight, ponytail look.

19. You want to be a pro at hair styling? Use your hair dryer and learn to use it rather well. Just a few moves with the hair dryer, and you will have great hair styles coming your way.

20. Use accessories sometimes! Like the hair band, fake bun, bun pins and even our desi parandi! Accessories enhance the look, and can brighten up dull moments.

21. If you do not use a conditioner, it is just fine. Apply yoghurt on hair strands and wash them after thirty minutes.

22. Love and celebrate your hair. For split ends, go for a hair cut often. For dandruff, use an anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner. Instead of a good hair cut, learn good hair styles.

23. For grey hair, go for a global color and follow up it up with a touch up.

24. Patrick also recommended the use of Wella Luxe oil. Luxe oil is a combination of Almond, Jojoba and Argan oil. Smells like heaven, this oil is extremely light. It vanishes upon application and leaves a soothing after effect. It covers the hair like an invisible mask and nourishes it. An excellent remedy for split hair and frizzy hair. It is available online in India. Use it, and for sure it will be the only product you will need for nourishment and oiling.

Our meeting lasted for two hours, and he was really enthusiastic about answering my questions and, my fan girl moment came when we too selfies together! When I stepped out, it was raining, and I felt rejuvenated and enlightened. Why? Because I never knew that hair care can be so easy and fun!! I was invited to his fashion show the next day. He displayed a variety of hair styles with his beautiful models. I have clicked a few pictures for you. If you are unable to manage your hairstyle, then just wait, for a new Wella product is on its way to keep your hair style intact for up to twelve hours! The launch is in July 2016.









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