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Life Is Too Short To Have Boring Hair


Raise your hand if you were following my goa adventures on snapchat! I know! This goa trip was awesome and I can’t get over the fact how beautiful and surreal the destination is. Now I know why everybody heads to goa as soon as you say holiday. I never could get the hype around it but now I do. While I very care free in goa (read no cares about the sunscreen, makeup, hair, outfits) because I take my holidays very seriously and if I have to fuss over all the stuff then how is it a holiday! But honestly everything fell into place..the pictures came out nice, my outfits were great and my hair looked beach ready. I really didn’t do anything but they always had these light beachy waves there.

But as soon as I came back, the breezy waves turned frizz and tangly and what not. I knew only a hair spa could handle that mess. So once again I headed back to my favourite Affinity salon, Pitampura. I had nothing particular on my mind so I was excited to know what the hairstylist over there would recommend me. I went to the salon and was recommended Wella SP Boutique Service with a Hair Spa using SP Hydrate shampoo, SP Hydrate mask and SP Color Save Infusion. I have coloured hair so I wanted something which could protect the colored layer as well. My experiences with wella hair spas have always been awesome. Before getting on to the service, they make you feel comfortable by asking the right questions, without selling their services instantly.

SP stands for System Professional. SP range is for professionals who work at the salon, and have to deal with many customers every day. Now, the good thing is, that you can buy these products online for that spa like impact. The hair dresser, or the hair stylist, started with a thorough review of my hair, dipped my head in a basin, and started the shampoo process. My scalp is dry, and hair remains oily, hence the mop is really thick. So he decided to give me a double head bath. Remember, I had a holiday recently.

This shampoo is mild, transparent and a little thick for obvious reasons. I could see that Wella SP shampoo lathers really well and instantly hydrates the scalp. If you want to buy this bottle, the listed price is Rs. 800.00 for 250 ml bottle. This bottle will last up to four months. Then I was now told that SP Hydrate Mask was ready so I should settle down for the next round of hair treatment. This Paraben containing Hair Mask is quite a sought after product and available in India for Rs. 900.00. I have recommended this hair mask to many, and they have been happy with superb results. It is applied after mixing it with SP Color Save Infusion. It is supposed to lock the color tinge and make it more long lasting. It is applied from roots to tips after vertically separating hair strands. Roots are not avoided and massaged really well. There is a conscious effort to nourish the hair ends. After leaving it on for twenty minutes, the hair was washed again. If you are doing it at home, use cold water, do not use lukewarm water at all. This will cause your hair to split. My hair felt soft, moisturized.

And then something happened. I casually asked the hair stylist about the new hair cuts this season and one thing lead to another and we were discussing a long bob for me! Me! The last time I took a drastic hair cut was ages ago so I wasn’t sure what to expect but the Aquarian in me screamed “go! go!” and I knew I had to try it once. I wasn’t sure how mom and Sailor would take it because they are very particular about my long tresses so I instructed him to keep the back long and not at nape of the neck like its supposed to be. And the compliments have not stopped ever since.

A big shout out to all of you who took screenshots of my hair and showed it to your stylists. One of you infact went to the same Affinity Salon and showed my hairstylist (Azhar) the photos I posted on instagram. I feel so honoured to help you in any way possible. Do let me know what you would like me to try next.

My Quick Notes

Wella is a great brand to begin with. So you are not really gambling away your money when you enter Wella for a hair treatment. It eventually turns out to be a hair treat. For a complicated hair scalp equation, i.e., dry hair with oily scalp or dry scalp with oily hair, go for a hair spa once every quarter. In case you are bound to miss your session, get these products at home, and do your own hair spa. After the shampoo, use warm water soaked and squeezed towel to wrap around your head, and then stay put for twenty minutes. Use a good conditioner or hair toner serum after that. Not only does this treatment last for about a month, making my hair manageable, soft and clean, it also gives me a sense of vanity for which I never feel apologetic! Many spas and salons have mushroomed all over, but it is for you to choose the right one. Keep these points in mind:

  • Do not just rush because of price. Go only if you want to, not because someone else went.
  • Any hair stylist or hair dresser, should ask fact finding questions first. So if that is not happening, then you are definitely not at the right place.










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