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4 Favourite Summer Hair Care Products


I recently updated my hair care regimen after it started getting sticky and humid. My dandruff and hairfall started again and boy short hair are more difficult to maintain! Earlier I would just make a bun and get through a bad hair day but with hair that are barely below my shoulders, its getting really messy. I can neither make a bun nor I can let them loose in the Delhi sun. So I end up with this weird twisty thing which is neither a bun nor a ponytail! I never knew it would be so difficult. To fight the hairfall and honestly to just perk things up, I updated my hair wardrobe and found some favourites.

You know I have been using only Wella products from an year and I’m kinda turned into a Wella loyalist. So its no surprise that I bought these from Wella brands. They are from different brands but they all fall under Wella. They are:

Wella SP Clear Scalp Shampoo Review

I tried this range during the SP boutique service and was sold out right there. Came back and bought one for myself. The bottle says its a gentle cleanser for dandruff fair and truly it cleanses my hair of dandruff. Makes my scalp clean and nice. It does not make my hair feel dry or frizzy but if you have dry hair then I would suggest you use a good conditioner with it. The consistency is thick and lathers easily. The fragrance is very mild and pleasant and stays on for some time. It had not aggravated my hairfall.

Wella SP Luxe Oil Review

Where do I even start? You must have read about this hair potion atleast a zillion times here already. I have been raving about the System Professionals Luxe Oil ever since I got the hair spa done a few years back. And since then I have been using it religiously. I’m mentioning it here in my new regimen because quite honestly I couldn’t find anything to replace it. And this time I got a travel size bottle to carry in my purse. The monsoon has made my hair crazy and I need it throughout the day. Its a good heat protectant too. I have seen hair stylists use it every time they blow dry my hair.

Sebastian Professional Potion 9 Lite Styler Treatment Review

Its a hair styling spray but gentle and lighter. I guess it has a normal version too for thick dry hair but this Lite one is quite light. It never weighs down my hair or make it sticky and messy. It comes in a spray bottle which makes it very easy to use. I basically spritz it 5-6 times on my hair and then style my hair. I mostly go for tousled hair and it makes the job quite fast. I have heard it performs great for curly and frizzy hair too.

Sebastian Re-Shaper Hairspray Review

Okay so this is the bad guy your mom warned you about. This strong hold hairspray means business. When I am going for some very complicated hair styles like tight curls or updos then I trust this reshaper hair spray. It also has a normal version called Shaper but I have not used it so can’t compare but this hair spray is really good. Its very lightweight and smells great. Doesn’t make my hair greasy and quite easy to use. I use it as a finisher to lock in the hairstyle through out the day. Comes especially handy for weddings and parties. I often use it for shoots too.

So there you have it, my favourite hair care and styling products currently.






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