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Spawake Age Solution Intensive Day Cream and Spawake Age Solution Intensive Night Cream

Continuing the Spawake anti ageing series, I am back with two new products after talking about the foaming wash in my last post. I am sure, I am not the first person who would tell you how essential day and night creams are in your beauty regime. After you have nailed cleansing your skin, ensuring the right cream during the day and night takes you a step ahead safeguarding that youthful glow on your skin in the long run. Continue Reading…

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My Jeans My Way


John Players Jeans Autumn Winter Collection 2016

Who doesn’t love DIYs? When John Players told us we could customize our denims the way we like, we jumped at the opportunity and hit the John Players store in Lajpat Nagar to find more. They gave us fun colours, patches, threads, buttons, etc to give a personal touch to our denims and we had a ball doing it! I never imagined I would paint my jeans ever..well yes thats what we did! We spluttered some paint on the knees and added a patch at the back. My brother Rameek who accompanied me to the store got so much into the activity that he did two pairs of jeans! Continue Reading…

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Eternal Beauty, Not A Myth Any Longer


Spawake Age Solution Intensive Foaming Wash

Pollution, age everything takes a toll on your skin, some key products often become your best friends in the fight against skin damage. After being a fan of the Spawake sunscreens (which is a staple in my handbag) and whitening serum, I got on the bandwagon to try out the new anti-ageing range.  It’s the first ever anti-ageing range that Spawake has launched in India. What’s great about Spawake is that they combine unique sea ingredients to get you the best results. For this specific Age Solution range they have incorporated Astaxanthin which is a red pigment found in algae, an ingredient developed by years of proprietary anti ageing research. Continue Reading…

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Spa Day is My Favourite Day of the Week


Nothing talks about your loyalty to a spa than visiting it twice. I’m talking about my favourite luxury spa in delhiSawadhee Traditional Thai Spa, Vasant Kunj. I visited them last year around my birthday and did a whole post on how I loved everything about it. This time when Sailor and I were craving a spa day, we decided to hit Sawadhee again! He couldn’t understand my obsession with the spa so I took him to a couple spa day! Reaching there is quite easy, we just hailed a cab and it took us an hour to reach. If you live in South Delhi, it would be much closer to you. We were the first ones in the thai spa that day so I took the liberty to take some photos to update my instagram and snapchat..who doesn’t? Continue Reading…

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Honey I Coloured My Hair Again!


Yes again! It has become a tradition to colour my hair atleast once every year now. I cannot believe there was a time when I used to say that I won’t colour my hair. I guess you have to try it to know it. Once I started playing with the hues, I can never go back to my boring hair again. I have tried it all, ombre, baylage, pink, name it and I have tried it in one way or the other. But last year I got addicted to this chocolate hair bug and it won’t be wrong to say that the addiction is still going strong. This time I went to the salon to get my roots touched but once I was in the chair, I was like “you know forget roots, lets colour all my hair again!” Continue Reading…

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Speak EIMI


Wella EIMI Hair Care Range Review

Remember the bloggers meet with Patrick Cameron I talked about a few months back? Apart from sharing some good hairstyling techniques, he also launched the new Wella EIMI range of products. At that time, this launch was a secret so I couldn’t really share it in the post but now I can! There are a lot of products under the EIMI range but I am showing you my 3 favourite products from the range. I will talk about each one in detail. Continue Reading…


Indian Ethic Wear Shopping at Craftsvilla


Have you seen this new Craftsvilla ad where a group of friends visit a fashion exhibition to know the latest trends while their smart friends just chills at home and browses through the app, only to exchange ditto notes. Well that’s how I feel when I play stylist to my friends and family! By attending a lot of designer exhibitions and shows, I keep a tab on whats new and whats not. But to my friends who work a 9 to 5 job and often don’t have the luxury to attend these events, I suggest them to browse through my current favourite online website for ethnic wear. They have got everything under one roof, from Handmade to Vintage, Ethnic to casual formals, Organic to Natural..they bring you all that is #LatestseLatest. Even when I don’t have any parties to attend, I still browse through my favourite categories: lehengas and formal casuals, because I style a lot of shoots and the knowledge comes handy. Continue Reading…

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Night Time Skin Care Routine with Olay


Olay White Radiance Range Review

Don’t you just hate the weather currently? I mean I’m no hater of rains..infact I love rains but sometimes it feels all gloomy and slow. All I want to do all day is eat and sleep. Psss..thats what I do. Just night I bing watched an entire season of Stranger Things with my lil brother. Its a thriller on alternate reality with lots of cliffhangers. You gotta watch it. Because of my stupid sleeping schedule and eating habits, my skin takes a toll. Don’t tell me you have not noticed how good your skin behaves if you sleep and wake up on time everyday. Gotcha! Knowing is different from doing..we are all spoiled brats who love late nights! Which is why we need that extra help when it comes to skin care. In my last post I told you I started a new skin care regime with Olay White Radiance products and shared my daily skin care routine while heading out, in this post I will talk about my night time skin care routine before hitting the bed or watching a sh..bed. Continue Reading…

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Wolf Street


How to Style a Plaid Shirt

I’m posting this outfit a little later. It was shot last year but I’ve been so busy that I forgot! But I have to because: Wolf and Plaid. Two things I’m crushing on lately. My jeggings have this little GoT stark logo in them..yep I customized them at the Pepe store in Connaught Place, Delhi. A lot of brands have started doing it now. Basically you buy any denim clothing and get it personalized with logos, studs, etc. I think its pretty cool because you get to make your jeans more you. While everyone was going with the usual, I decided to go with a wolf logo because…GoT! I also got these studs on the pocket. Continue Reading…