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Wolf Street


How to Style a Plaid Shirt

I’m posting this outfit a little later. It was shot last year but I’ve been so busy that I forgot! But I have to because: Wolf and Plaid. Two things I’m crushing on lately. My jeggings have this little GoT stark logo in them..yep I customized them at the Pepe store in Connaught Place, Delhi. A lot of brands have started doing it now. Basically you buy any denim clothing and get it personalized with logos, studs, etc. I think its pretty cool because you get to make your jeans more you. While everyone was going with the usual, I decided to go with a wolf logo because…GoT! I also got these studs on the pocket. Continue Reading…

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On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink


I’m not a red lip girl. I like my makeup to be soft and subtle which is why I gravitate more towards the browns and pinks family. Soft. Why is why I got really excited when L’Oreal Paris launched an exclusive pink lipstick collection. It has got lipsticks, lip glosses and nail paint in different hues of pink. I really enjoy my brown lipsticks from L’Oreal Paris which you saw in my brown obsession outfit post. This time its all pinks and I couldn’t be happier. What I love the best is that there are different shades of pink to suit different Indian skin tones right from soft romantic pinks to bright fuchsia pinks. The l’oreal paris star pink collection is named La Vie En Rose and the shades are named after different l’oreal brand ambassadors. I love Katrina’s pink and Sonam’s the best because they suit my skin tone to the T. This outfit is inspired from the same collection. Continue Reading…

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The Girl in the Brown Leather Jacket


You don’t see a lot of outfit posts on Petite Peeve in winters. Actually no outfit post. Well because its so freaking cold here in Delhi! Simply the thought of changing and getting into a short dress scares me more than umm….running into a tiger? So I found a way to brave winters. I traded my feminine side for the chic biker girl. Leather jackets, ripped pants, chunky boots and neutral makeup is now my official winter look. And call it the Kylie Jenner fad or what but I’ve fallen in love with the colour brown big time. From my clothes to hair..everything needs to be in a shade of brown. My previous posts must have told you I am now a brunette. I got rid of my golden ombre locks and went medium chocolate brown. In terms of makeup, all my eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks, etc are in different hues of brown. Continue Reading…

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New Year Resolutions!



A very very happy new year everyone from me and Team VNA! I hope you had a great new years eve. I went out for a family dinner and later visited a family friend. And came back home to snuggle up in my rajai once again. That’s usually how all my new year evenings go. I’m not a party person so I ring in the new year with my family. My insta feed was full of people dressed up in LBDs and partying like crazy which I dont know why but I don’t miss.

Coming to my new year resolutions..yes there are always resolutions even though they are meant to be broken yada yada but atleast I hope to carry on with them sincerely for as long as I can. So here is the list:

  • Exercise. I just measured my waist and it gave me a panic attack. Not just to me but people concerned *ahem* So I have decided to be more regular at exercising. I don’t like gyms but I love yoga. I also like to follow fitness videos on youtube. Only thing is that they get dull when you watch them for the 100th time. So suggest me some pumping music for workouts and any good videos which are different from the usual.
  • Eat right. I plan to cut down om my sugar intake. I have a sweet tooth so desserts are a BIG part of my big that sometimes they make up my main course. So the biggest change needs to be made here. I also plan to cut down on fried food and rice. My other weakness. So yeah let’s see for how long I can stick to this. Although I am gonna keep a day every week to indulge. Can’t help it!
  • Sleep cycle. I’m very active at night. This habit comes from my childhood when I used to study for board exams at night and sleep and party during the day. And it never changed. Now I eat, sleep and shop during the day and work at night. I sleep so much that sometimes it stretches to 16hours. Not kidding. NEED to change that. So the max I am gonna stay up is 3am.
  • Get out of my comfort zone. I made this resolution last year and it worked really well. I can’t even start on the times I have missed big opportunities because I was either too shy or too comfortable in my bubble. But I have slowly started to push the boundaries and this year I will try even harder.
  • Be more crazy. I hate people who are boring and never do anything fun. Kuchh toh log kahenge…? Kehne do. Last year the craziest I went when I coloured my hair pink. This year I’m gonna do more crazy shit.
  • Donate. I always wanted to but never had the funds for it. Now that I have started earning, I am gonna keep aside a part of it for donations and charity.

Well that’s it! Any more resolutions and I will break them all. Let’s see how I perform this year.

Coming to the outfit, I know you must have seen this on VNA. This was my 2014 new year outfit. But I’m in a process of moving all my outfit posts on Petite Peeve. So I decided to post this here for new year! Gonna do a fresh shoot tomorrow so stay tuned.






Jacket: American Swan / Ganji: Street Shopping / Jeans: GK / Bag: American Swan

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Back to Basics



I hope you had a great Christmas! I went out and shopped with my girls. For new year’s eve I don’t have any plans but I guess I will spend it in with the family cozying up under a blanket munching some dark chocolate and gajar ka halwa with a cup of coffee while replying to all those bulk new year wishes on whatsapp (even the advance ones “before the lines get jammed blahblah”) I’m planning a FRIENDS marathon too. If you have good movie recommendations then do let me know. Chick flicks please!

Today is a very special day for us at VNA Headquarters. Its our 4th anniversary! Yes I know..sounds unbelievable. Although Petite Peeve is only 3 months old, it already feels like home too. You would be seeing a lot of me here in the coming year. People tell me they miss reading my own posts on VNA, the thing is I am spending less on makeup and more on dresses. No girl will ever admit but I have so much makeup that even my next 7 generations won’t need to buy anything IF they like. My mom will throw me out of the house if I buy one more lipstick. But she doesn’t mind me spending on clothes which she knows I will actually wear considering my jam packed social calender. And that is how Petite Peeve was born! Continue Reading…

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Winter Is Coming

floral print dress grey blazer fall outfit

floral print dress grey blazer fall outfit

As soon as the weather in Delhi gets chilly, I catch a cold. And it stays on through out the winters. I’m not kidding..I wake up with a fit of sneezes everyday! I guess I’m very allergic..or is it just my nose? Although the October weather isn’t very cold that you would need a jacket or blazer over your outfit but you only get to use them for 2-3 months so why not start early! I can’t wait to bring my layering game on. Let’s start with the post in very GoT style. Btw I have a tshirt with the same quote. Continue Reading…