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The Weekend


If you know me then you know spas are my jam. I HAVE to get either a hair spa or if the time allows, a full body spa every month. So this time I picked Fresco by Tattva Spa in Lemon Tree Premier Hotel, Gurgaon. If you are on a budget and can’t think of spending that hard earned money on “just a spa” then Tattva spa is your thing.

Reaching the spa was a task I tell you! I live at the opposite end of the city so I took off early. BUT! If you are planning to go there for the first time then this might help you, there are 2 Lemon Tree Premiere Hotels in Delhi NCR. One near the Delhi IGI airport and the other near Leisure Valley. Since both of them fall near/inside gurgaon so I by mistake went to the one near the airport. Eeee Big Mistake! Had to hail my cab again! Anyway here goes my experience and review of the Fresco by Tattva Day Spa. Continue Reading…

Reviews, Spas and Salons

Right Hair Right Now


The heat wave in Delhi! It has made me so lazy. All I want to do all day is chill out with a cooler and a good book in my bed with a/c on. Going out in this heat is like going out on a suicide mission! Add to it the early monsoons and the humidity and everything goes down hill. I had been keeping my hair up in a bun that I had forgotten how it feels to have your waves fall over your shoulders. As soon as I got a break from house shifting, I ran to a salon near my area and went straight for a hair spa. What I love about hair spas is that apart from leaving the salon with movie star hair, you also get some decent head and shoulder massage which nobody can say no to. Since I moved to this area of Delhi recently and had no idea about good hair salons, so I picked this salon called Krushhh by Konica near Vikas Surya Mall in Rohini. Continue Reading…

Reviews, Spas and Salons

Nioxin Derma Renew Therapy


By now you must have guessed I spend twice my time and money on my hair than I do on my face! Ofcourse I spend on makeup but as far as skin care goes, its always less than my hair care! Nioxin products are known worldwide for combating hair thinning. In India P&G has acquired Nioxin and has brought their products to salons and online stores. Recently I gave the Nioxin Derma Renew therapy a try which claims to remove dead skin cells and excess sebum from your scalp, and act like a facial for the scalp. Yep hair facial. Thats what got me interested. Lets see what all it does and if Nioxin really works. Continue Reading…

Reviews, Spas and Salons

Hair Wizardry at TIGI Bedhead Lounge



A lot of you asked me about my new hairstyle. I recently got my hair cut and this time it was from a celeb hairstylist! I know! The guys over at TIGI Bedhead invited me over at their lounge in Gurgaon and I readily agreed. Who wouldn’t? The ocassion was that Ralf Boss, Creative director of TIGI Taiwan & Asia South Pacific was coming to Delhi and he wanted to meet me in person and talk about all things hair. He is such a fun guy! And one of the ONLY hair stylists who understand that an inch is just an inch. I told him to to not go short with my hair and he didn’t. I half expected to walk out of the door with a bob but I’m pleased he listened to my concerns. We decided on a lot of waves and mind you..messy waves. I didn’t want anything clean and organized and so did he. So we decided on bedhead waves! Continue Reading…

Reviews, Spas and Salons

Couples Spa at Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa, Vasant Kunj


What a day! I still feel the warmth of the otherwise cold January morning when I look back at the spa day I spent at Sawadhee Spa. You know how I was a bundles of nerves during my first spa experience (I wish they had secret cameras there so I could show you my face) but this time I was a lot relaxed and chilled out..after all I wasn’t a spargin anymore! So off I went with my favourite girl to spend a day of relaxing and pampering to this property in Vasant Kunj. Its the Sawadhee Traditional Thai Spa. The property is located in a calm and serene place as you would expect from a luxury spa. Since its not located inside any hotel so you can use the outdoor space to take photos and selfies to instagram (alright yes I did! We shot an outfit near the stairs)

By the time we finally entered through the doors, the receptionist and other girls must have made an opinion on us..we did give them plenty of time (and poses) to judge us! Although I hope wish they didn’t. Before deciding our services we were given a tour of the spa and went through each of their oils and scrubs (which they make themselves..some secret recipe) to pick our favourites to be used during the spa therapy. I picked the lavender oil and chocolate scrub (or was it coffee?) Oh yes we opted for a couples room with private steam sauna bath and jacuzzi. Loved the concept of private bath which my last spa at Mariott didn’t provide (and made me a wee bit uncomfortable) So yep if you are going with your partner or just your girls then opt for couple rooms..they are amazing.

I opted for the aromatherapy oil massage followed by a full body chocolate scrub. In summers they give a thai wrap as well which I would love to try. The 90min oil massage session was a bliss. At first I was mentally checking my things to do for the upcoming holiday but I don’t remember when I dozed off. After the scrub we took the sauna steam bath and then proceeded to our Jacuzzi for the day. Well oh well that lasted for around 2hours..I don’t know how our discussion about our graduation subjects ended up on life mysteries. Yepp no freaking clue. I guess it was the coffee with bourbon.

If you want a nice couple time with your boy complete with rose petals and candles then Sawadhee Thai Spa is your guy. Highly recommend the ayurvedic oil massage and oil-less thai massage (which my friend loved).

The salon was getting ready when we visited so I guess now they are providing facials, etc too.

Price: I recommend you opt for packages instead of single services. Check the website for the exact list of services available along with the price list.

Tip: Make a reservation before you go. And take along some dark chocolates and wine to fuel the jacuzzi party since they don’t serve food and you might get hungry after a while.

Address: Plot No.3, Local Shopping Center, Pocket C-9, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi, Delhi 110070









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When I Got My Hair Chalked Pink..



Yes pink! When I first told my mom that I am gonna get my hair coloured pink she got hyper instantly! I had to calm her down with a “just kidding”. My parents literally threatened to throw me out of the house if I ever turn up at the door with pink hair. Sailor refused to hang out with the girl with pink hair. Sigh. So obviously the next best choice was a temporary colour which I somehow convinced these “boring” people in my life. Yes I am one of those people who make pinterest boards of pretty things and hair chalks were on my lust list from ever since they came out. Go search for the post “Bohemian Circus” on VNA to know how desperately I wanted these hair chalks to come in India. And that they did!

This year 2 brands in India came out with these temporary chalks for hair in a wide variety of colours: L’Oréal Professionnel and The Body Shop. TBS has priced them ridiculously at 1k while the L’Oreal chalk retails for Rs.500. Although L’Oreal in only available at salons so obviously I headed to my current favourite Geetanjali Salon in Delhi i.e the Select City Walk one. I trust the staff there. I also got my ombre hair colour retouched which I would show you once the chalk wears off. Continue Reading…

Reviews, Spas and Salons

Menage A Trios, Warren Tricomi



 A day at Warren Tricomi getting Menage A Trios: Review

I make sure I keep atleast a day every week to myself..excluding the weekend ofcourse. This one day I tune out social media (which by the way is my work) and concentrate on my mental and spiritual well being..

..phhhbbbbbttt!! It basically involves grabbing a large bowl of popcorn and watching Two and a Half Men all day in my pajamas. This time I gave my polka dot pajamas a break and moved my butt to get a facial along with a manicure pedicure. I went to Warren Tricomi at The Manor in Friends Colony. As you would expect with spas, this too felt like a different world altogether as soon as I entered. You have to walk through a very beautiful garden to enter Zehen where the spa is. I wish I had taken a friend along to do an outfit shoot there, the opportunity was too good to be missed but I was alone (refer to the ME time above) and I still managed a shoot! I figured instead of an OOTD I could click some makeup shots for my reviews on VNA. I had an event to go to later on so I was carrying some makeup with me. You will see those shots on VNA soon. Continue Reading…

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Geetanjali Salon, Select City Walk



Geetanjali Salon, Delhi Review

A few months back if you had told me that I would be colouring my hair, I would have probably thought you were insane and didn’t know me much. I’ve gone to the lengths of getting hair extensions and hair threads just to put off colouring. My virgin hair was something I was proud of! But a lot changed over the past few months, I got more adventurous and experimental because honestly there is a limit to the love you can give your flat black hair. No hair braids would show up on my hair as they do on someone with highlighted hair (remember my agony when I wanted to try Elsa’s braid for the Elle Blogger Award Round 1?) Anyhoo enter L’oreal Chocolate Factory ammonia free hair colour and my hair changed..for better. And I never looked back.

I went to Geetanjali Salon when the had just opened up in Select City Walk, Saket in Delhi. They have got hair salons in Green Park, Khan Market and Vasant Kunj as well. Continue Reading…

Reviews, Spas and Salons

A Day at Quan Spa, JW Marriott

quan spa rooms private and couples

quan spa rooms private and couples

Review of Quan Spa, JW Marriott, Delhi

For the longest time I resisted body massages and spas. Why? Because I am too shy. Yes its now for every one to read and laugh that a 20 something still feels odd about going to spas for they would ask her to undress! When Quan Spa called me up to ask if I would be willing to spend a weekend morning with them, I started getting goosebumps again. But since I’m in that “adventurous” phase of mine where I am changing my hair colour every 2 months, I thought why not give this a shot as well.
Continue Reading…